Wind Turbines Kill Millions of Birds

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griffon vultures, Spain

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Wind Farms: More health Issues

Industrial wind turbines kill millions of bats & birds, worsening an environmental & epidemiological crisis

Bat and Bird Kills by Wind Turbines

Since the year 2000, industrial wind turbines have overtaken all other causes of mass mortality events for bats in North America and Europe – Multiple mortality events in bats: a global review

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Wind farms bring the Egyptian vulture to near-extinction in Andalusia

Save the Eagles International has been blowing the whistle on bird slicing wind turbines since its foundation in 2011, and I personally since 2002. Most ornithologists, affected by conflicts of interest, have been denying all along that species of rare birds could face extinction because of the installation of wind farms in their environment. New findings prove they were wrong.

Fuerteventura, guirres 2014
Egyptian Vulture: a bird that uses tools – courtesy of Manuel de la Riva

1) – A study found that wind farms may tip some rare species into accelerated extinction.

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Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus)

Death of four Egyptian vultures alerts to the danger of wind farms near the Strait

18-06-2017 – Our translation of an article published by the Spanish daily ABC.es

The recent killing of four Egyptian vultures by wind turbines on the Spanish coast of the Strait of Gibraltar caused new alarm about the dangers these constitute for flying wildlife.

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Windfarms kill 10-20 times more than previously thought

Red Kite at Navarre Windfarm

Wind farms are actually slaughtering millions of birds and bats annually

To read the article: http://savetheeaglesinternational.org/new/us-windfarms-kill-10-20-times-more-than-previously-thought.html



Even “carefully-sited” wind turbines may attract bats, swallows and raptors from kilometers away, to their death.

 white-tailed eagle killed by wind turbine - DenmarkJuvenile white-tailed eagle (sea eagle) killed by a wind turbine in Denmark

See:    http://wcfn.org/2013/07/24/biodiversity-alert/



South Africa
windfarms to kill rare bird species into extinction


Bateleur Eagle.

See the urgent appeal from our South African chapter, in “petitions”.




New, photographic evidence:


(and killed by them)

See the “smoking gun” pictures here:



Attracted and killed, unfortunately, as we denounced jointly with WCFN, here:




The Whooping Crane, condemned to extinction by windfarms:

The only sustainable population of whooping cranes in the wild is declining, concurrently with the invasion of their migration route, the Central Flyway, by over 2,000 wind turbines and their power lines. Nearly one hundred of these critically-endangered birds were lost this year, i.e. one third of that population. Yet the US Fish & Wildlife Service continue to approve more wind farms in that migration corridor. The extinction of the Whooping Crane in the wild won’t take long.
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Whooping Crane



Another massacre comes to light


SPAIN: 40 to 60 great bustards killed by the power lines of the Villasilos windfarm.

This compares to a previously estimated population of 260 individuals, immatures included, for the whole province of Burgos. The Villasilos area being the principal habitat in the province for these heavy, 10-14 kilo birds, where most of them show up at one time or another, the windfarm is actually acting as an ecological trap, a population sink for this endangered species. This is how “carefully” the wind industry places its windfarms. – STEI

Source —> the Spanish Ornithological Society SEO/Birdlife


Denouncing misrepresentations from the wind industry – 30 Jun. 2012
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Windfarms: bird mortality cover-up in the UK – 16 Apr. 2012
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Radar mitigation to cause more deaths – 10 Apr. 2012
See —>   http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/45887

Ospreys too are being killed by wind farms – 11 Feb. 2012
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Wind farms to wipe out California Condor – 5 Feb. 2012
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Spanish wind farms kill 6 to 18 million birds & bats a year – 14 Jan. 2012
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Golden Eagle to become extinct in US – 5 Jan. 2012
Windfarms threaten the Golden Eagle in the US
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Eagles have been killed in large numbers by wind turbines, e.g. 3.000 golden eagles over 25 years at the huge Altamont Pass windfarm near San Francisco. It was built on the very hills where young, transient “goldies” come from all over California to hunt and interact. This is causing a decline in the California population of golden eagles. See ANNEX (A) of the following article:      www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=4242

White-tailed Sea Eagles are being killed by windfarms in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Scotland and the Netherlands; Bald Eagles in Canada;  Golden eagles in the US, Sweden, Scotland and Spain; Wedge-tailed Eagles and White-bellied Sea Eagles in Australia; eagles from 5 different species in Spain, all condemned to disappear because of the government’s “green” policy:   www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=3071

In Australia, the Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle will become extinct because of a biased, faulty and misleading environmental study which permitted the construction of 7 windfarms in its habitat: www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=4382

The eagles and millions of other birds (and bats) are being decimated worldwide by windfarms and their power lines. Yet it has been demonstrated that wind turbines are redundant, as they need the help of fossil fuel power plants to be viable:  http://www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=4540

More on birds, bats, and windfarms:

Pictures & videos (bird & bat collisions, and more):  see Multimedia on the menu bar.

And a most interesting video here —>  http://www.atinstitute.org/ati-environmental-law-center-v-state-of-colorado-renewables-mandate-pt-1-pollution/