About Us

Save The Eagles International is a platform regrouping bird lovers, ornithologists, and associations from 15 different countries, who think that we cannot count on mainstream ornithologists and bird societies to save bird life from the windfarm threat. These derive much of their income from the windfarm business, and that creates a powerful conflict of interest that clouds their vision and corrupts their conscience.

Our bird life has thus become defenseless in front of windfarms and their power lines, which kill many millions of birds and bats a year, worldwide – see: a bombshell from Spain

These victims are not comparable to those killed by cats and windows, for windfarms are often built in remote places or wilderness areas. This is where they do most damage to biodiversity, killing eagles, cranes, storks and other birds of protected or endangered species.

There was therefore a need for a new organization, one that would defend the birds and bats instead of defending the interests of windfarm promoters as most ecologists, ornithologists and NGO’s are now doing, making money in the process. This selfless, truly devoted-to-nature organization is Save the Eagles International (STEI).

About STEI´s president, Mark Duchamp:

- Academic Support to Mark Duchamp (2010)

- Peer review (2004) of Mark Duchamp´s first significant paper (2003) www.iberica2000.org/documents/eolica/Peer_review_1223_Everaert.pdf

- Article in The Telegraph (2010)

- International Symposium on the Red Kite (2009)

Member of honor: Anita Levesque, for her invaluable help with this webpage. STEI is endebted to you, Anita.

Contact: save.the.eagles@gmail.com